With over 41 years of experience, Shiv Jyoti is the perfect choice for your child’s exponential growth. 



  • 38+ years of excellence in education
  • Quality education from pre-nursery
  • 4 institutions across Kota
  • Over 10,000+ students and 250+ teachers
  • 50,000+ strong alumni network

The curriculum is structured in a manner that keeps your child in touch with the ever-changing world trends, right from the junior to the senior levels. We constantly revamp, reinvent, and evaluate the classroom teaching strategies to create the most appropriate education that your child deserves. The study program for all learning levels is unique because it is a blend of the finest teaching methodologies.

Integration of Information Technology with classroom teaching makes learning more exciting and interesting for students.

  • Interactive Whiteboards & Projection Screens: Used as a digital format to make lessons interactive and stimulating.
  • Well-Equipped Computer Labs: One each for the Pre-Primary, Middle & Senior students and two for Primary School students provide hands-on experience in learning.
  • Science & Other Lab Facilities: To provide a practical approach to learning and complement classroom learning, the school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Geography and Home Science laboratories. Students are provided with requisite aids for the project and practical work that helps in ’learning by doing’. The school has a separate Junior Science Laboratory specifically designed to cater to the needs of students up to Class VIII.
  • State-of-the-art Sports Facilities: The school has upgraded sports infrastructure to match national and international standards. The school has three new lawn tennis courts, cricket pitches with a net, three basketball courts, and a swimming pool. The school provides ample opportunities for students to participate in various games and sports under the care and guidance of experienced physical education teachers and fully qualified coaches. A large number of students have done us proud with their outstanding achievements at the State, National, and International Level.

To enhance the all-round development of students, the following clubs are chosen by students, based on the area of interest and the desire to learn

  • Nature’s Club
    This is the club of young environmentalists. The Nature’s Club members are zealous in their attempt to create a Green School and build awareness in environmental issues. The members take a pledge to respect nature and love the Earth through various activities.
  • Science Club
    A hub of young scientists. They have keen interests in learning by doing. Here the children are provided with opportunity for safe explorations.
  • Mathematics Club
    The zone of Mathemagicians. They learn through games, puzzles and models and explore various number tricks and patterns.
  • Quiz Club
    The Quiz Club members organise various quizzes and audiovisual shows to keep themselves and others updated with latest happenings around and increase the general knowledge.
  • Drama Club
    The members organise activities related to theatre and drama involving action and fun with the social message.
  • Creative Club
    The club aims to develop the artistic sense in a child and further nurtures it by using different mediums such as clay, recycled products and paper. The members are given full freedom to express their creativity.
  • Literary Club
    The objective of this club is to help children appreciate both English and Hindi Literature adopting a communicative approach. A sense of confidence is instilled in the child through various activities such as storytelling, debates, and role-play.