Play Group to Class XI & XII (Science, Commerce & Arts)


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Shiv Jyoti Educational Group was founded in the year 1982 by dedicated and devoted educationists and thinkers. We started with a mere two-roomed educational center aiming to provide an environment which facilitated the development of children in a manner that was creative and stimulating. Today, Shiv Jyoti Convent School is situated in the heart of the city and is the nearest CBSE school to all the coaching institutes,  We Provide Education To more than 4000 students from Play Group to 11th And 12th in All streams like Science(PCM, PCB), Commerce and Humanities. We Provide students friendly Environment to students coming from all parts of INDIA to study in EDUCATION CITY IN KOTA.

This was the reason; we stand touching the sky with thousands of students on board imparting quality education for more than 35 years now. We truly believe that education is the principal tool for social development and unless all societies are provided with the right type of education, adequate in quantity and quality, it will not be possible to tackle the problems of ignorance, ill health, and poverty which afflict the majority of human beings.



As per the CBSE scheme of studies, each student is required to opt for one compulsory language at the core level along with four electives. The school offers these subjects under three streams; Science, Commerce and Humanities. The language at the core level offered is either English core/ English Elective.

We Provide Students Friendly Environment to  Students Coming From All Parts of INDIA to Study in EDUCATION CITY IN KOTA. 

Subjects are offered under the following streams:


  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Painting
  • Hindi Core
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Informatics Practices


  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Hindi Core
  • Informatics Practices
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Physical Education / Computer


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Hindi Core
  • Informatics Practices
  • Mathematics / Biology
  • Computer Science / Physical Education

A professional counsellor is available to guide our students on career related issues as well.


A spirit of enquiry goes hand in hand with the sound acquisition of languages and numeracy skills. Our aim is to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. The subject areas are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, General Science and Environmental Studies, Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Technology, Physical Education and Personal, Social and Moral Education. The assessment of student work is continuous and broad in its scope. Students are encouraged to reflect on their work and assessments and make efforts for continuous improvement. Our programme is affiliated to CBSE.


The middle school years are a time of significant intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. Students are helped to keep pace with the accelerated academic challenges and get support in acquiring life skills. They are assisted with study skills, organization of work and gain confidence at performing under examination conditions. Pastoral care is a priority for the school and great care and attention is taken to ensure that there is regular contact between students and teachers. The academic subject areas include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Computer, History, Geography and Civics and a third language is also added to the curriculum. The program is supported by individual and group activities outside the regular curriculum, as well as guest speakers, community projects and intensive workshops.


Shiv Jyoti school offers a range of education and examination option benchmarked with the highest national and international standards. Success during the years of Senior School is vital for the future goals and ambitions of all our students and their families. Our curriculum offers a range of subjects leading to success in the CBSE exams.

We offer Science stream with P.C.M. and P.C.B. and Commerce And Arts stream in classes XI and XII and help them to thrive in their academic goals.

A professional counsellor is available to guide our students on career related issues as well.



When technology is integrated into education, students are expected to be more interested in the subjects they are studying. Our Digital Classroom provides different opportunities to make learning more fun & enjoyable in terms of presenting same things in new ways. It ensures more active participation in the learning process which can be hard to achieve through a traditional lecture environment.

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To develop a strong, healthy and understanding relationship between a teacher and a student we have the Mother Teacher Concept where in every teacher is allotted 10 students to interact, counsel, share and make the child feel comfortable.

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Buddy Concept is designed to support children in their first year of school through working with older students as role models. The Buddies concept Framework has specifically designed buddy activities focusing on curriculum, social skills, values and benefits for the younger and older buddies.

Our school uses a variety of programs and resources and Buddies Concept has been designed to complement these. Buddies Concept is designed to fit into your particular school environment and is flexible to incorporate all that you do with buddies in your school.

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Sports do not just provide a medium for exercise but also important in the physical growth of children. The School has excellent indoor and outdoor sports facilities designed to endorse the physical and mental well-being of the students. School has well trained sports trainers for training the studs to achieve great heights.

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To develop the physical fitness, creativity, Hand – eye coordination and to provide a comfortable and safe space, an Indoor games room is designed for the students. By playing here they can be active, have fun and most importantly play in a clean, safe and colourful environment.

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Digital libraries combine technology and information resources to allow remote access, breaking down the physical barriers between resources.

Although these resources will remain specialized to meet the needs of specific communities of learners, digital libraries will allow teachers and students to take advantage of wider ranges of materials and communicate with people outside the formal learning environment. This will allow more integration of the different types of learning.Students may access E-library through their Daily Diary account.

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We strive to achieve excellence in learning both within and beyond the classroom. We wish our students to not only exceed in academics, but also become an all-round performer by excelling in the fields beyond academics too.
To reinforce the academic curriculum and a global vision, a series of talks and workshops are held throughout the year by eminent personalities from the world of Science, Arts, Academics, Technology, Media, Music, Dance & Drama. The topics range from Environment to Substantial Development through Non-violence, Bio-diversity, Elections and Democracy, from life skills to attitudes and values to health and physical education.
We take note of national and international festivals and anniversaries at our morning assemblies and also celebrate them through dance, drama, music, debate, story-telling sessions, painting and other creative endeavours. We try to inculcate knowledge and values through ‘Thought of the day’, Amazing Facts & News regularly. Parents and other family members are regularly invited to school functions


Mathematics Club
The zone of Mathemagicians. They learn through games, puzzles and models and explore various number tricks and patterns.
Quiz Club
The Quiz Club members organise various quizzes and audiovisual shows to keep themselves and others updated with latest happenings around and increase the general knowledge.
Drama Club
The members organise activities related to theatre and drama involving action and fun with the social message.

Creative Club
The club aims to develop the artistic sense in a child and further nurtures it by using different mediums such as clay, recycled products and paper. The members are given full freedom to express their creativity.
Literary Club
The objective of this club is to help children appreciate both English and Hindi Literature adopting a communicative approach. A sense of confidence is instilled in the child through various activities such as storytelling, debates, and role-play.

Nature’s Club
This is the club of young environmentalists. The Nature’s Club members are zealous in their attempt to create a Green School and build awareness in environmental issues. The members take a pledge to respect nature and love the Earth through various activities.

Science Club
A hub of young scientists. They have keen interest in learning by doing. Here the children are provided with opportunity for safe explorations.

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